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London train station beats Zurich as Europe's best

National News // Feb. 19, 2020

In what maybe thought a surprising result for British train users – in one survey at least, the UK has pipped Switzerland to the top spot for train stations. 

Pixabay London train station beats Zurich as Europe's best

Zurich’s main station came second in list of the best stations in Europe – with London St. Pancras at the top. 

A study by the Consumer Choice Centre judged stations by the number of shops and restaurants, wheelchair access and the amount of domestic destinations served. 

Zurich station has the highest number of restaurants at 62 and the second highest number of shops at 92. But it lagged on destinations. 

Out of a total of 139 points, Zurich scored 111 and St. Pancras – which is the Eurostar terminal – scored 116. 

Leipzig in Germany was third and Rome fourth. 

French stations scored low due to the number of strikes. 


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