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Government urges 'no' to upcoming "Swiss Brexit" vote

National News // Feb. 12, 2020

The government is urging a ‘no’ in the upcoming vote on ending free movement of EU citizens.

Pixabay Government urges 'no' to upcoming "Swiss Brexit" vote

The initiative was launched by right wing parties that believe Switzerland should have complete control over immigration.

The government says it would threaten the relationship with the EU and hit exports.

There are 120 separate agreements with the EU and they could all be in danger.

The initiative calls for the ending of free movement within a year. The Justice Minister, Karin Keller-Sutter says that’s unrealistic and a leap into the unknown.

If the vote passes it could also mean the end of Switzerland’s membership of the Schengen passport free zone.

The lower house of parliament is also urging voters to say no.

The vote, which is being labelled as a Swiss Brexit, will be held in May.


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