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Cantonal vote results

National News // Feb. 10, 2020

In cantonal votes, Geneva turned down plans to build high density housing in Meyrin and Vernier. The canton has a housing problem and the government wants to build new apartment buildings in areas which are currently reserved for houses. 55% said ‘no’ to the plan.

The state councilor, Antonio Hodgers, says the result shows the people of Geneva feel that everything is going too fast. He says the decision will mean higher rents and more cross border traffic.

The result is seen as a major setback for planning policy.

Geneva voters also rejected the canton’s advice on the dog licence. The government wanted to stop the tax, saying it’s too cumbersome and raises too little. 67% said to keep it.

The tax brings in CHF 2m a year.


Pixabay Cantonal vote results

In Basel City, an initiative by local traders to allow better car access to the centre of the city was roundly rejected while a government backed plan to allow only environmentally friendly cars in the canton by 2050 passed.

Backers of the new law say it means planning for the polluting car ban can start now.

In canton Aargau, it’s now harder for foreigners to be Swiss. Voters agreed by a margin of 65% that anyone applying for citizenship cannot have received any welfare payments for the last 10 years.

And a small village in canton Bern, which is surrounded by canton Fribourg could be switching cantons.

Clavaleyres only has around 50 residents and says it’s very hard to find people to run the commune and wants to merge with neighboring Murten.

To allow a switch of cantons, both sets of voters have to agree. In Bern 89% said the village can leave and in Fribourg, 96% said they will welcome their new residents. The cantonal switch now has to be agreed by the federal parliament and it should be finalized by 2022.

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