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Switzerland joins open exchange of health threat info

National News // Jan. 31, 2020

Switzerland has joined the EU’s Early Warning and Response System which allows an exchange of information on health threats. 

Pixabay Switzerland joins open exchange of health threat info

The EU is allowing access due to the coronavirus threat. 

Member countries can easily swap information and assess risks. 

Switzerland is also in contact with a number of nationals currently in the Chinese city of Wuhan – the centre of the outbreak. It’s looking at the options on how to evacuate around 12 people. Some being foreign spouses. 

Swiss International Airlines – as well as its parent company Lufthansa – have suspended flights to China, although they are still serving Hong Kong. 

Around 50 people in Switzerland have been tested for the virus – all results have been negative. But one 47-year-old man is in isolation in hospital near Zurich. He recently passed through Hong Kong. 


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