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'Swiss Brexit' to be voted on in May

National News // Jan. 31, 2020

Switzerland is looking at its own Brexit moment in May. 

Pixabay 'Swiss Brexit' to be voted on in May

Although the country is not a member of the EU, it is in the single market and so accepts free movement of people. 

A vote in May pushed by the right-wing Swiss People’s Party looks to end free EU immigration. In the run up to the vote more EU nationals took advantage and moved to Switzerland last year. 

Figures from the State Secretariat for Migration says 55,000 people moved to the country in 2019. Now there are 2.1m non-Swiss in the country – about a quarter of the population. 

More than half of the new influx are from Romania and Bulgaria. It’s thought they’ve decided to make the move ahead of the vote. 

The justice minister, Karin Keller-Sutter is urging voters to reject the initiative, calling it a Swiss Brexit. She says 860,000 jobs depend on single market membership.


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