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French protesters in Geneva to demonstrate against new autoroute

National News // Jan. 28, 2020

Protestors from France gathered in Geneva yesterday urging the canton to fight the decision by the French government to green light a new autoroute along Lake Geneva.

Pixabay French protesters in Geneva to demonstrate against new autoroute

The protestors were invited by the Geneva minister Rémy Pagani.

Geneva authorities are angry at the decision as they believe the French have not given the new Léman Express train network time to show the difference it can make to transport in the region.

French farmers are also against the project, fearing loss of land and greater pollution, and are supporting Geneva’s attempt to make the French government think again.

Lawyers say Geneva has the right to question the French decision under the Alpine Treaty which commits all the Alpine countries to protect the environment.

The autoroute is not the only dispute Geneva has with France. There’s also a move to stop a new nuclear power station being built close to the border.


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