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Light aircraft crash victims identified

National News // Jan. 24, 2020

The two occupants of a light aircraft that crashed in canton Vaud have been identified. 

Pixabay Light aircraft crash victims identified

They lived in Fribourg and aged 64 and 71 years old. The police say it’s not known who was flying at the time as the bodies were thrown from the aircraft on impact. 

The plane had taken off from Fribourg at 7.30pm on Wednesday and disappeared from radar an hour later. 

The wreckage was pinpointed by a F/A 18 fighter jet which was returning to base in Payerne after patrolling the skies in Davos.  

Witnesses say the plane seemed to be flying too low for a night flight. But landings at the aerodrome for small planes are allowed until 10pm. 

Investigations are continuing. 


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