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Judge rules in favour of climate change protesters

National News // Jan. 14, 2020

A judge in Lausanne has backed climate protestors for failing to pay a fine after they played an impromptu game of tennis in several branches of Credit Suisse in 2018.

Flickr Judge rules in favour of climate change protesters

The campaigners wanted to draw attention to the bank’s investment in fossil fuels and is urging Roger Federer to drop their sponsorship.

The protestors were refusing to pay a CHF 21,000 fine.

The judge says their action was necessary and proportionate and the only effective way to get the bank to respond, in a ruling yesterday.

Credit Suisse says it will now stop financing the construction of new coal fired power stations.

Federer himself is under fire for accepting money from Credit Suisse. Currently in Melbourne, he says he will make a personal donation to the victims of the bush fires in Australia.

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