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Small chance of white Christmas

National News // Dec. 11, 2019

We’re not in for a white Christmas, that’s the conclusion from forecasters. In fact, it’s likely to be quite warm with highs at 18 at times.

Pixabay Small chance of white Christmas

Cedric Sütterlin from Meteosuisse told the Blick newspaper that with Christmas still two weeks away, there’s a margin of error – but it doesn’t look good.

A white Christmas in Switzerland is defined as snow on the low ground. If anything, the snow line is going to climb over the next couple of weeks – up at 3,000 meters at times.

A warm foehn wind will push temperatures up in the valleys.

But white Christmases are unusual anyway. In the last 9 years there have been only 3 in Bern, 2 in Zurich and one in Lugano.

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