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Bus lane to be built between UN and French border

National News // Dec. 4, 2019

Geneva transport authorities have given the go ahead for a kilometre-long bus lane to run along the Route de Ferney which starts near the UN and heads to the border.

NeedPix Bus lane to be built between UN and French border

The buses are regularly caught up in rush hour jams.

The lane will be reversible. In the mornings, buses heading into the city will use it – in the afternoon it will be reserved for buses heading out.

The first stage from the UN to Grand Saconnex will be ready in less than two weeks – the next section will be open in March.

It will be used by buses 5, 28, and F.

The Park and Ride car park in Grand Saconnex is being expanded from just 30 places to 500. That will be ready when the new Léman Express train network opens on Sunday week.

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