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Should prisoners be allowed access to assisted suicide?

National News // Dec. 3, 2019

An argument is raging on whether prisoners sentenced to life should be able to make use of Switzerland’s assisted suicide laws.

Pixabay Should prisoners be allowed access to assisted suicide?

The issue is being pushed by a 69-year-old convicted child rapist. Peter Vogt has been in jail for 25 years and will never be released. He’s seeking help from EXIT to end his life.

But child protection activists say he should not be able to escape his sentence.

Psychiatrist Josef Sachs says it should be considered if the prisoner was ill. He told the Blick newspaper if someone in jail wanted to end his life, but not if they were free that would then be an issue.

But the question is not likely to go away. This country has an aging prison population and more may be asking for the right available to everyone else.

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