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Switzerland drinking far more local beers

National News // Nov. 27, 2019

Beer is booming in Switzerland – helped by a massive growth in independent breweries – and the hot summer.

Pixabay Switzerland drinking far more local beers

We’re drinking far more local beers. The Swiss Brewery Association says the amount of imported beer fell 3.5% last year while beer sales are up 1% overall.

It does acknowledge there is a strong correlation between a hot summer and beer sales and points out 2019 was the third warmest on record.

But drinkers now have a wider choice. There are around 5,000 different beers brewed in Switzerland – many by micro-breweries which have sprung up all over the country.

However, fewer people are going to bars. 60% of beer is drunk at home. The Swiss Brewery Association says that reflects increasing smoking restrictions across the country.

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