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Servette Football Club denied new training ground

National News // Nov. 26, 2019

Geneva’s Servette Football Club, which is having a good run on the pitch at the moment, failed in the last minute at the ballot box.

Pixabay Servette Football Club denied new training ground

A vote on Sunday has been overturned after a recount.

Servette was looking to build new training fields on a 12-hectare patch of land which is currently used for farming in Grand-Saconnex.

The first count was close, and showed a majority of just 15 in favor of the project. A recount then showed the result was in fact a majority of 9 against.

Opponents say they’re not actually against the new training ground as such – but the new project would have allowed Servette to sell its existing training centre in Vernier to property developers.

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