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Doctors warned not to prescribe antibiotics for flu

National News // Nov. 26, 2019

Doctors in Switzerland are being urged not to give in to patient demands and not prescribe antibiotics for flu or cold symptoms.

Pixabay Doctors warned not to prescribe antibiotics for flu

Both are viral infections and antibiotics have no impact.

There’s always a spike in antibiotic prescriptions at this time of year according to figures from the health insurer Helsana.

One researcher at the University Hospital in Geneva, Benedikt Huttner says he believes doctors give out the pills because patients want them.

More and more diseases are proving to be resistant to antibiotics, due mainly to over use and the World Health Organization believes it to be a major threat.

There are big differences in the language regions in Switzerland. German speakers are seemingly more understanding about the limitations of antibiotics as far more are used in the French and Italian speaking areas in flu season.


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