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Drivers told they have to stop in case of animal hit

National News // Nov. 18, 2019

Police are warning drivers it’s illegal not to report a collision with a wild animal.

Pixabay Drivers told they have to stop in case of animal hit

The changing of the seasons always sees a spike in animal strikes. Last week there were 50 in canton Aargau – the same number in Thurgau and 33 in Zurich.

Numbers for other cantons are not available.

The head of the hunting association in Aargau, Erich Schmid, says it’s important an injured animal should not be left to suffer. He says it’s normally very difficult to try to treat a wild animal.

He also warns about getting too close to an animal that’s been hurt. Especially a boar, fox or badger – as they can be aggressive.

Aargau police say drivers should treat an animal strike as they would any other accident and report it.

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