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Scientologist holds 'Don't buy from Jews' sign

National News // Nov. 13, 2019

Police were called to a Scientology stand in Sankt Gallen over the weekend as one of the church members likened protestors to Nazis.

TeroVesalainen from Pixabay Scientologist holds 'Don't buy from Jews' sign

A married couple, Yolanda and Beat Künzi, have been protesting against Scientology in the canton regularly – holding signs claiming Scientology is a sect and breaks up families.

An infuriated Scientologist retaliated with his own sign saying ‘Don’t buy from the Jews’. The slogan mimics a Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses from the 1930s.

The sign was too much for a passer-by who called the police. By the time they arrived the signholder had disappeared.

Investigations are ongoing.


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