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Geneva to bring in anti-pollution car bans

National News // Nov. 8, 2019

Geneva is the first canton to bring in strict anti-pollution measures.

Pixabay Geneva to bring in anti-pollution car bans

All cars will be required to show a sticker which relates to how polluting it is. The stickers classify cars from 1-6. The lowest is for electric cars.

If pollution gets too high – some of the most polluting cars will be banned from the city centre.

All cars, even non-Swiss, will have to show a sticker in the centre of town. Failure risks a CHF 500 fine.

Fairly new cars are unlikely to face restrictions.

The system is an exact copy of the one already used in France – so French issued stickers will be valid.

The stickers will cost CHF 5 and will be available next month. Fines will be handed out after the end of March.


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