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Uber drivers to fight Geneva decision

National News // Nov. 4, 2019

The future of Uber is under threat in Geneva following a decision by the cantonal department of employment.

Pixabay Uber drivers to fight Geneva decision

The canton says it considers Uber drivers to be employed by the company – which means they will have to pay payroll tax and Uber should be contributing to their social security payments.

Unions say the decision is important as it can affect Uber drivers in other cantons.

But the drivers themselves are fighting the decision. Many met cantonal officials a few weeks ago and told them they enjoy the freedom that being an Uber driver gives them.

A lawyer representing the drivers, Vincent Maitre, says the canton is being inconsistent in its decision and it reinforces the monopoly enjoyed by official taxi companies.

He says Geneva has an expensive but a low-quality taxi service.

Uber says it will appeal the decision and the company can continue to operate until the judgement is final.

Tags: uber, geneva, court

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