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Swiss footballer swears at fans during Arsenal game

National News // Nov. 1, 2019

Swiss footballer Granit Xhaka’s future is in doubt after he gestured and swore at fans during Arsenal’s game against Crystal Palace on Sunday. 

PIxabay Swiss footballer swears at fans during Arsenal game

Fans started to boo him when he was substituted. 

Xhaka says he’s reached boiling point after a series of abusive comments on social media. He says people have said that they would kill his wife and they wish his daughter gets cancer.

He stresses he loves Arsenal and gives the club 100%

Former Arsenal player and Scottish international Charlie Nicolas says he wonders if Xhaka will ever play again. 

Xhaka is no stranger to controversy. He was investigated by FIFA during the World Cup last year while playing for Switzerland for making an eagle gesture against the Serbian team. He’s an ethnic Albanian from Kosovo – and the hand sign could be been seen as an nationalistic slight. 


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