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Man sets himself on fire in Geneva

National News // Oct. 23, 2019

A man set himself on fire outside the UNHCR buildings in Geneva this morning.

A Geneva police spokesman says the man is a 31-year-old Kurd from Syria who is living in Germany.

unhcr Man sets himself on fire in Geneva

He’s been helicoptered to the specialized burns unit at the Cantonal University Hospital in Lausanne.

Police say he covered himself with petrol and then set himself on fire. Passersby immediately tried to put out the flames.

One local told the 20 minutes newspaper they heard screams at 7.40 this morning.

The area around the UN refugee building was quickly sealed off by emergency services.

While the man’s motives are not known, Turkish troops have invaded Kurdish areas of northern Syria to create a so called ‘safe-zone’. Many Kurds have been forced to leave their homes.

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