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Geneva commuters using more public transport

National News // Oct. 10, 2019

Commuters in the Grand Genève region are using public transport more and shunning the car. 

Pixabay Geneva commuters using more public transport

Even those who do use a car say they would take public transport if it was a viable option.

The Grand Genève region covers Geneva, parts of Vaud and neighboring France.

The researchers from the EPFL university in Lausanne say the use of bikes, including electric bikes, is growing and recommends more cycling routes.

But there is a lack of public transport in some areas of France. It’s recommended more needs to be done to provide better cross-border buses.

Meanwhile, the cycling group Pro-Vélo is objecting to a new cycle path along Lake Geneva. They say the plans to have a 2.5-meter-wide path is too narrow. They believe it needs to be at least a meter wider.


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