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Swiss cheese definition could impact Emmental exports

National News // Oct. 3, 2019

The American definition of Swiss cheese could have an impact on exports of Emmental.

Pixabay Swiss cheese definition could impact Emmental exports

Americans call any cheese with holes ‘Swiss’.

Following a judgement from the World Trade Organisation – the United States can impose over seven billion dollars of tariffs on imports from the EU after the international body agreed the European aircraft maker Airbus had benefitted from illegal government subsidies.

One item on the US list of goods which will be hit notes ‘Swiss or Emmental cheese with eye formation’.

Although Switzerland is not in the EU – there are fears exports could be affected. Although it is likely the term ‘Swiss cheese’ is not actually meant to mean cheese from Switzerland.

The US has stated it really wants to target goods from countries that form part of the Airbus consortium which is mainly Germany, France, Spain and the UK.


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