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Farmer sentenced to jail for self-justice lock-up

National News // Oct. 2, 2019

A Bernese farmer is fighting a one-year prison sentence after he locked up a potential thief in his cellar for two hours.

Pixabay Farmer sentenced to jail for self-justice lock-up

One night three years ago, the farmer was almost ready to harvest his hemp crop – when a group of armed men arrived.

The farmer had seen people sneaking around previous nights and was ready.

He managed to grab one, tied him up and threw him in his cellar. The farmer held him for two hours.

A judge told him self-justice is not tolerated and sentenced him to a year in jail and ordered him to pay CHF 5,000 to the man.

The farmer also complained the thief’s accomplices attacked him with a pitchfork and pepper spray.

They’re facing separate charges – including the man who was locked in the cellar.

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