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Switzerland experiences technology industry boom

National News // Sept. 27, 2019

Switzerland is experiencing a high-tech jobs boom. 

Pixabay Switzerland experiences technology industry boom

The traditional big employers in the country such as Migros, the Post Office, railways and pharmaceuticals all seem to be stable – or even cutting. 

But jobs are being created by international firms – mainly American and Chinese. 

Google in Zurich is set to double in size by adding another 1,000 posts. Also, in Zurich, Facebook is growing – adding another 160. 

The Chinese tech company Huawei (Wah-Way) is set to steadily employ more in Switzerland over the next few years and the Indian giant Infosys is setting up a competence centre in Baden in canton Aargau. They’re likely to employ many recently made redundant by General Electric. 

The companies are attracted by the potential workforce from the two Federal Technology Universities, ETH in Zurich and the EPFL in Lausanne. 

But its not all high tech. Entrepreneur Dieter Meier – formally of the pop group Yello – is setting up a new chocolate factory in canton Schwyz. He hopes to employ 300.  


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