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CERN Open Days this weekend - watch out for road closures

National News // Sept. 13, 2019
CERN Open Days is this weekend – which will mean traffic and travel disruption in the border area between Meyrin in canton Geneva and the Pays de Gex in neighbouring France. 
CERN CERN Open Days this weekend - watch out for road closures

CERN Open Days is on tomorrow and Sunday across 9 sites and is expected to attract 80,000 people and will cause road closures between Meyrin on the Swiss side and towns on the French side with potential knock-on effects for traffic in the surrounding area.   

Highlights of the event include guided tours of labs and workshops, interactive shows, lectures on physics and the future of CERN, as well as tours of underground facilities – although CERN warn the capacity of underground tours is limited and only about 20% of visitors will be lucky enough to see the tunnels.

The event is free of charge, but registration is required to gain access.


Full details about the event and road closures are available on the CERN Open Days website: www.opendays.cern

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