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Paleo 2020 - new site and CO2 targets

National News // Sept. 12, 2019

Organizers of the Paleo music festival in Nyon say there’ll be some changes to the site for next summer’s event – and they’ll be doing their bit for the environment.

yeah.paleo.ch Paleo 2020 - new site and CO2 targets

 It’s the first time since 1990 that there’ll be a site alternation. A new train terminal is being built on part of the land which has been used so far – so they’ll be renting another section to the north.

The new space will be a bit larger than before. But that doesn’t mean there’ll be more people, but there will be more space for festival goers.

When Paleo is in full swing – it’s the third largest town in French speaking Switzerland. Organizers say they’re setting new environmental targets for themselves. They plan to cut CO2 emissions by 25% every year for the next five years.

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