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EU regions urge 'understanding' for Switzerland's politics

National News // Sept. 5, 2019

Local regions of EU countries bordering Switzerland are urging Brussels to be more understanding about this country’s political system in its negotiations with the bloc.

pixabay EU regions urge 'understanding' for Switzerland's politics

Switzerland is locked in talks with the EU on its future relationship. The EU wants to simplify 120 separate accords into one framework. Disputes have already led to the EU to end a joint agreement over recognition of stock markets.

Bordering German länder, French départments, Austrian and Italian regions have written a joint letter to the EU commission pointing out if Switzerland isn’t given time to bring the people together, any new deal could be rejected by a popular vote.

The talks are now bogged down further ahead of parliamentary elections due next month.

The framework covers a wide combination of trade, free movement of people, standards recognition and transport.


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