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Private search finds body of missing climber

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 21, 2019

A private search has found the body of a missing climber on the Rigi mountain.

Pixabay Private search finds body of missing climber

A week ago, 29-year-old Mario Konrad went missing and the police searched for 48 hours and then stopped.

Mario, from canton Zug, was a keen climber and was alone at the time of his disappearance.

Mario’s mother was disappointed the police gave up so quickly.

His friends launched a private search, using social media to recruit helpers and coordinate the efforts. Locals in the nearby town of Gersau allowed the volunteers to sleep in their homes, take showers and charge their phones.

Mario’s boss paid for a helicopter to assist in the efforts.

His body was found on Saturday. It appears he fell 250 meters and died immediately.

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