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1 in 3 children don't speak Swiss language at school

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 19, 2019

Swiss schools are facing increased pressures as the number of new students who don’t speak the relevant language rises. 

Pixabay 1 in 3 children don't speak Swiss language at school

Experts say pupils and schools need extra resources to cope.

In the German speaking regions, one in three children in primary or elementary school come from a home where a non-Swiss language is spoken. That’s up from one in 5 in the year 2000.

In some cantons, the number is higher. In Schaffhausen, half the new intake hardly speaks German.

The former head of canton Basel’s education board, Christoph Eymann, told the press children need language courses from the age of three. He says that will be expensive, but a poor education and integration will cost more in the long-term.

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