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Liechtenstein causes concern over gambling growth

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 13, 2019

Anti-gambling groups are worried about the massive growth of casinos in Liechtenstein. 

Pixabay Liechtenstein causes concern over gambling growth

The principality recently relaxed its laws to allow more private companies to open gambling centres.

Swiss groups are concerned as those who have been banned from betting in Switzerland can easily cross the border. More than 50,000 players are banned from casinos in Switzerland – but in Liechtenstein it’s only 1,500.

But it seems there will be more as two others are being built. When finished, Liechtenstein will have more casinos per head of population than Las Vegas.

The small state, which is celebrating its 300th anniversary this year, pocketed CHF 20m last year in gambling taxes and local businesses say they’re doing well with the extra visitors.

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