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Matterhorn claims another climber's life

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 8, 2019

Yet another climber has died on the Matterhorn.

Samuel Ferrara, via Pixabay Matterhorn claims another climber's life

The dead man was with his friend and had decided to descend. The other continued to climb. Both are from South Korea.

The victim fell around 200 meters according to police while climbing at 3,700 meters. Rescuers say they could only recover the body.

The survivor was picked up by helicopter and flown to hospital.

There have been calls to close the Matterhorn to climbers as some say it’s becoming too dangerous as climate change is thawing permafrost and making the rocks too loose.

Valais police say seven have died on the mountain this year so far.



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