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Man loses company's money in Montreux casino

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Aug. 6, 2019

A man has been convicted of using his company’s money to place bets at a casino in Montreux.

Pixabay Man loses company's money in Montreux casino

The 22-year-old salesman from Valais was entrusted to take CHF 22,000 in cash to the bank in November last year. Instead, he thought he could use the money to place a bet.

He put down CHF 4,000 and lost it. The next day he placed another bet and won CHF 1,000 and thought he could make up the losses.

He didn’t, and to try to cover his tracks he told the police the money was stolen from his car.

The court has fined him CHF 7,000 and he has to pay another thousand in costs.

He now faces civil action for the rest of the money.



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