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Family of drowned Irishman left in dark by Zurich police

National News // By Tay Kinnear // July 19, 2019

An Irish family says they are frustrated at the lack of information from the Zurich police after their son died in a suspected swimming accident.

Pixabay Family of drowned Irishman left in dark by Zurich police

27-year-old Lucky Ogbomor had moved to Zurich from Ireland in January as he had secured a modelling contract.

Last month his body was recovered from the Limmat River. Police say he drowned while swimming.

His family say they have not had any detailed information from Zurich police. They were told they would be hearing from them after an interpreter had been found. But there’s been no contact so far.

Lucky’s father, Barry, says his son was found wearing only trunks – but his personal belongings have not been recovered. He says he must have left a bag somewhere with his wallet and phone.

The body is now in Dublin and an autopsy will be carried out.

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