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Bakery near festival must close overnight

National News // By Tay Kinnear // July 18, 2019

Festival goers in Bern will have to go hungry overnight. 

Pixabay Bakery near festival must close overnight

The popular Gurtenfestival is on and for the last few years a nearby bakery has stayed open overnight to serve hungry music fans.

But not this year. The canton has refused permission to allow the shop to stay open. In the past, permission was given due to nearby construction work. But that’s now over.

The canton says it doesn’t believe there would be enough business to justify the opening. But the local press reports last year more than 850 customers visited the bakery overnight – making it the busiest period of the year for the shop.

The owners have lodged a complaint. And adds for good measure that if music fans are stuffing their mouths with food – they make less noise on the way home.


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