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Geneva tram/bus drivers need more toilets on routes

National News // July 10, 2019

Unions representing bus and tram drivers in Geneva say more needs to be done to make sure staff have facilities to relieve themselves along their routes.

Stefan Kunzmann Geneva tram/bus drivers need more toilets on routes

Unions say about 15 bus lines in the canton do not have toilets available for drivers.

One shop steward says some use bushes or even bottles – but this option is more difficult for female workers.

One suggestion is drivers should use toilets in a shopping centre – but its further away and sometimes the centre is closed.

Using toilets in café’s is not really an option as drivers feel they have to buy a coffee each time.

One driver told the press there’s a safety issue as it’s distracting if you need the toilet and some drivers are not drinking enough water during the day – especially dangerous in this hot weather.

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