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14 year old hailed a hero

National News // July 10, 2019

The determination of a young man has brought joy to a married couple. Last Sunday Nik Zisler lost his wedding ring in Lake Zurich near Horgen. The ring was presumed lost in around 5 meters of water.

pixabay 14 year old hailed a hero

But 14-year-old Halim Hoti – who just so happened to be bathing nearby – refused to give up the search and continued to dive into the depths.

After everyone else had given up – Halim found the ring. Nik says he’s a hero and has given him a finder’s reward and a thank you letter. Halim says he will use the money on his summer holidays.

It seems the two families are now friends. They’re planning a barbeque together in the next couple of weeks.


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