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Bern police renew plea for witnesses in 20-year-old murder case

National News // By Tay Kinnear // June 26, 2019

Police in Bern are launching a new campaign in an attempt to solve a 20-year-old murder.

Pixabay Bern police renew plea for witnesses in 20-year-old murder case

In 1999 a 22-year-old was brutally gunned down in Biel-Mette in canton Bern by a gang armed with Uzi machine pistols.

The country was shocked.

The gang entered the home where a mother, father and their 14-year-old was watching TV. They demanded cash and put the barrel of the gun in the youngster’s mouth.

They were disturbed by the arrival of the couple’s other sons - aged 22 and 23. The gang opened fire, hit and wounded the 22-year-old and then shot him dead at point blank range.

Bern police regularly re-test DNA evidence as technology improves. On the 20th anniversary, the police have issued a new plea for witnesses.

They believe a Solothurn registered VW Scirocco was used by the gang. More than 200 people have been interviewed in connection with the killing.

Bern police are asking for anyone with any further information to contact them.

Tags: police, bern, dna, murder

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