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Ticino urged to change women's gymnastics uniform rules

National News // By Tay Kinnear // June 3, 2019

Two members of the Ticino cantonal government are urging the local gymnastics association to change the rules to allow female gymnasts to wear shorts – complaining the tight-fitting body suits are too revealing.

Pixabay Ticino urged to change women's gymnastics uniform rules

One 13-year-old told the local press that she and her fellow female competitors use glue to make sure the suit stays in place. She also says she was deducted points in one competition as she had to wear shorts as she had her period. She says the situation is demeaning.

The rules in Ticino seem to differ slightly from the rest of Switzerland. Female competitors are told they have to wear a body suit with a ‘high leg cut’. The rest of the country allows a leotard, which is lower cut.

The two government members, Tatiana Lurati and Gina La Mantia have submitted a motion to the government to press the association to change the rules.


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