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Women on all top 20 Swiss companies’ boards

National News // By Tay Kinnear // May 21, 2019

All of Switzerland’s top 20 companies now have at least one woman in the boardroom, according to a report by the consultancy firm Russell Reynolds, which shows that progress towards gender equality in the management of Swiss firms is slow but steady.

Pixabay Women on all top 20 Swiss companies’ boards

The report says that 55 of the 206 board members of the top 20 Swiss companies are women, a 27 per cent share compared with 21 per cent two years earlier. The annual Schilling Report from the recruitment firm Guido Schilling, which was released last week, highlighted that women now make up more than a fifth of supervisory board members at Switzerland’s 100 largest firms for the first time.

In 2016, the government called for quotas in relation to the number of women on the boards of Swiss companies, saying that 30 per cent of board members should be women. However, opinion is divided on how to put this in practice, with many politicians reluctant to set mandatory quotas.

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