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12,000 Chinese tourists visit Lucerne

National News // May 14, 2019

The historic town of Lucerne had to deal with an invasion of Chinese tourists yesterday – but everyone was prepared – even the Jehovah’s Witnesses.

pixabay 12,000 Chinese tourists visit Lucerne

The group of 4,000 is the first wave of 12,000 that will be visiting. The cosmetics company Jeunesse Global is paying for their staff to have a European vacation as a thank you.

The tourist office had everything in hand. The group, travelling in 95 buses, was broken up for different trips. Some went to the lake, others to the Lion Monument and the Chapel Bridge.

The local population had been warned.

Traders were doing a roaring trade with small souvenirs and ice cream. Pistachio flavor was said to be the most popular.

As a sign of advance planning – the Jehovah’s Witnesses had Chinese translations of their publicity ready.


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