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Major changes to Geneva public transport at end of year

National News // May 9, 2019

Geneva public transport is gearing for a major change at the end of the year. There are plans to inaugurate three new projects at the same time.

pixabay Major changes to Geneva public transport at end of year

On December 19th the Léman Express will start running. Formerly known as CEVA, the new train line will run from Annemasse to Geneva’s main train station, using new lines, stations and tunnels.

On the same day, Annemasse will also get a new tram service. Line 17 will cross the border into the French town for the first time since the sixties.

The third opening will be a new tram and bus depot near the airport. The facility will maintain 70 trams and 130 buses.  

It’s hoped the new services will significantly cut the amount of car traffic crossing the border at Bardonnex.



Tags: transport, TPG, geneva

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