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Fake news halts 5G plans

National News // By Tay Kinnear // April 12, 2019

The spread of fake news is being blamed for the hold up to the roll out of 5G technology. 

Pixabay Fake news halts 5G plans

Geneva and Vaud have announced that they’re stopping the further installation of antennas for the new mobile phone network. One Socialist Party MP, Thomas Hardegger, says a moratorium should be imposed on a federal level.

But another member of the same party, Martina Munz, says there’s too much misinformation online about the effect of 5G technology and solid scientific information is needed.

The two networks, Sunrise and Swisscom, which are the most advanced on installing 5G say they’re analyzing what the effects will be on their planned roll-out with the current ban in Geneva and Vaud.

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