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Zurich police worker sacked for penning parody film

National News // April 9, 2019

Zurich cantonal police is accused of lacking a sense of humor and acting as moral guardians after the sacking of a civilian worker because of their involvement in a parody film.

Mad Heidi Zurich police worker sacked for penning parody film

The movie – Mad Heidi – is described as the first ‘Swissploitation’ film and features exaggerated violence and mocks Swiss authority figures who take to torturing prisoners with fondue.

Heidi embarks on a one woman battle against the evil forces by gruesomely killing the enemy with Swiss army knives and bars of Toblerone.

But it was too much for the police and fired the 35-year-old who was part of the writing team.

He says he told his employers he wanted three weeks off to write a screenplay – and that was granted. It seems the problems arose when they found out about the nature of the film.

You can see the trailer: https://madheidi.com/  (violence/language warning)

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