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Montreux to vote again on music centre renovation

National News // By Tay Kinnear // March 22, 2019

It looks likely voters in Montreux will get a second chance to decide if the Music and Convention Centre should be renovated.

Pixabay Montreux to vote again on music centre renovation

Last month – to the surprise of almost everyone – voters rejected the CHF 27m project to bring the building up to modern standards. The tourist office and the organizers of the Jazz Festival were shocked.

But complaints about the vote started almost immediately when 1,400 people said they didn’t receive their voting papers in time. The glitch mainly affected non-Swiss nationals.

As the result was so close – there was only a difference of 94 votes – the Vaud cantonal government says the result is void and will have to be re-run.

The Green Party, the only group that welcomed the original result, says it may appeal.


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