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Amnesty International slams 'inhumane' Swiss vote

National News // By Tay Kinnear // March 21, 2019

The human rights group, Amnesty International, is slamming a vote by the Swiss parliament to automatically deport anyone who has been convicted of a terrorist offence, even if their lives are in danger.

Pixabay Amnesty International slams 'inhumane' Swiss vote

The group says the decision ignores international rules.

This week the Senate backed a lower house vote which demands the government to put forward a bill to deport convicted terrorists. It follows the case of several Iraqis who have been found guilty of belonging to a banned group – but are still in the country.

It’s not just Amnesty which is against the idea. The press is also wary. The NZZ newspaper says parliament needs to respect international law, the Le Temps paper says Switzerland will become the accomplice of inhumane regimes. Even the mass market Blick paper says MPs are following populist ideas and not searching for real solutions.

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