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Hired hacker finds flaw with e-voting system

National News // By Tay Kinnear // March 13, 2019

Hackers across the world have been working to find a flaw with e-voting systems in Switzerland – and they have found one.

Pixabay Hired hacker finds flaw with e-voting system

Last month, computer experts were asked by the Swiss government to attempt to hack the system. If a serious problem was unveiled – they could win a cash prize.

Around 3,000 took up the challenge and a problem has been discovered with a system being tested by the Swiss Post Office.

The issue is deemed serious as it could potentially allow a hacker to change a vote without leaving a trace.

Although some cantons are using e-voting platforms, the one with the problem has not been used in real life conditions.

The Post Office says it was aware of the problem before and it was supposed to have been patched. But it hadn’t.

Although details are not being released for security reasons, it's likely one hacker is now several thousand francs richer.




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