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Suicide clinic doctor convicted of manslaughter

National News // By Tay Kinnear // March 12, 2019

A doctor has lost his case against involuntary manslaughter after a British woman died at a Dignitas suicide clinic in Zurich while accompanying her terminally ill mother who was there to end her life.

PIxabay Suicide clinic doctor convicted of manslaughter

In October 2016, the two women travelled from the UK. The 95-year-old mother was suffering from cancer and wanted to end her life. While at the clinic, the 58-year-old daughter collapsed saying she had a bad headache.

Staff called a doctor who gave her pain killers, but after a few hours she fell into a coma. An autopsy determined she died of a brain hemorrhage.

Zurich prosecutors charged the doctor with manslaughter saying he should have sent her to hospital.

After several court cases, the Federal Court has upheld earlier decisions and convicted the doctor.


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