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Legalisation of illegal Geneva residents hailed a success

National News // By Tay Kinnear // March 5, 2019

The scheme to legalize many illegal immigrants in Geneva is being hailed as a success after 3,500 people who were in the canton illegally now have permits.

Pixabay Legalisation of illegal Geneva residents hailed a success

The programme, called Papyrus, started in 2015 and ended in December last year.

There were strict criteria for those applying for permits. Families had to have been living in the canton for 5 years and single people for the last 10. They had to be financially independent and with no legal proceedings against them.

Although only in Geneva, other cantons and the federal government have been watching the scheme to determine if it should be rolled out elsewhere. It's thought there are 76,000 illegal workers in the country.



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