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Suspended sentences for radicalized IS siblings

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Feb. 28, 2019

A brother and sister from Winterthur have been given suspended sentences for travelling to Syria to fight for Islamic State. 

Pixabay Suspended sentences for radicalized IS siblings

They were 15 and 16 at the time.

Prosecutors say they were radicalized by preachers from the An’Nur Mosque in the town, which has now been shut down.

The elder brother, now 20 years old, still seems to have some sympathy for the terrorist organization, as he said in court that he was proud of his work for the Caliphate.

Their parents paid tens of thousands of francs to IS to allow the pair to escape.

They’ve been in custody since arriving back in Switzerland at the end of 2015.

They’ve been given suspended sentences of 10 and 11 months – on top of the time served.

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