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British IS fighter controversy triggers Swiss citizenship debate

National News // By Tay Kinnear // Feb. 22, 2019

The British case of the teenager who travelled to Syria and now wants to return to the UK has triggered a debate amongst Swiss parliamentarians.

Pixabay British IS fighter controversy triggers Swiss citizenship debate

UK authorities have stripped Shamima Begum of her citizenship – although her new born son maybe allowed to return.

While a law passed in 1952 does allow Swiss citizenship to be removed from someone who’s conduct is deemed detrimental to Swiss interests, it has never been used.

Back in 2014 a motion was put to parliament to deny citizenship to any Swiss national who joined Islamic State, it was passed by the lower house, but rejected by the Senate.

But one of the signatories of the motion was Viola Amherd, now she’s Defence Minister.

Some MPs are now demanding IS fighters that have Swiss passports to have them taken away.

The Federal Intelligence Service believes there are 31 Swiss nationals in IS and 18 of them have dual nationality. International law forbids the removal of citizenship to those with only one passport.



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